Lovely November

I am sitting alone in my living room.  It is quiet.  And I have had breakfast before 11.

What I have been up to:  Kids are keeping me busy, busy.  Not doing a whole bunch, just busy keeping everyone alive and the house functional.  Little man is almost 4 months, but I still feel like we are no where near normal.  It is time to start some sort of sleep training before I get booted off to the looney bin, but the logistics of letting a baby cry while sisters are sleeping close by is difficult.

Monday Musings

So, I started this post almost a month ago.  What?!?  And I feel like I just stepped a way from all of this to deal with my medical issues.  More on that later.  Adjusting to a new one in the family is difficult, and I honestly thought I would have arrived by this point, but alas.  I AM loving this stage with the kids.  The babe is so precious.  The girls are a handful, but so funny and sweet.  My husband’s job is draining both of us right now, and we are trying to trust in God’s timing for a provision of anew job.

How I stay Organized

Even though we live in a house that is bigger than some, the lack of storage is a major house fail.  That and the fact that there is no where in the house that I can go where I won’t hear my screaming children.

Walter’s Birth Story

Walter is a week old today!  (When I started this blog post.  He could very well be a year when I actually get it published!) The time has just flown by!  I thought I would write out his birth story since I haven’t had a chance to disclose many of the details. AND some of us are birth nerds!  Plus I had a lot of people praying over the specifics of this birth.

White Nailpolish for the Win

I haven’t posted in forever.  I feel like I am going through a blog identity crisis, so I am going to try dabbling around with some different things before I make any big changes.

We are expecting our third child, a baby boy, in July.  I don’t know how wonderfully my life was going for me to think that I could manage adding another child to the mix.  I am delusional and exhausted.  (and please don’t tell me how much I will miss this time.  No mom ever finds that encouraging!)

The Worst Decision Ever

We played hookey from church this morning.  Aside from me not liking missing church, occupying the girls during […]

Getting Rid of the Beloved Paci


Recently, our oldest daughter has given up her paci.  (Read as the last one broke, and we were plunged into the abyss of darkness as we tried to get her to go to sleep without her security blanket.)  This week has gone decently (shhh don’t tell the spirits of Friday the 13th and the full moon).

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