2017 Recap

I am sitting here thinking about some goals I have for 2018, and I am already feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.  I thought that it might be a good idea to remember all that was accomplished this last year.

  1.  Hymn of the Month-Each month at bedtime I would teach the girls a new hymn while laying in their bed.  We would watch a video of it the first couple of nights, so I could get the tune down.  Eventually they would catch on.  They might not always sing with me at night or on command, they do sing spontaneously throughout the day.
  2. I completed Couch to 5k (twice)-I ran a full 5k almost 6 months pregnant, and I just completed my first one without stopping since I delivered Walter the other day with my running partner.  Running is a huge stress reliever for me, and sometimes the only time I get during the day away from my children.  It also makes me less self-critical.
  3. I birthed a little human-I worked very hard physically and mentally to prepare myself for another birth after a very painful, and slightly traumatizing 2nd birth.  The Lord was gracious, and Walter’s birth was wonderful.
  4. I (unintentionally) got over my fear of needles and IVs-Not completely, but 2 kidney stone surgeries later, I feel much more confident should I need to have an IV.
  5. I have learned to say no-to a lot of fun things and people because it is easier for the sanity of my family right now.  I text people, and I occasionally get to hang out with them and just hope to goodness that our friendship withstands this season.
  6. We have withstood a very difficult year at Anthony’s job.  The Lord has not seen fit to deliver us from that job unto a new one, but he has sustained us and small changes at his work have made things bearable.
  7. I reorganized my living spaces, so we can have some toy free space in our house.  I am not cleaning all the time by any means, but sometimes it is nice to look up from your cold cup of coffee, and not see a million socks or random toys or sand.  Anthony also used his end of year bonus to purchase a robot vacuum.  ( We had to purchase something from his company’s site.)  This helps maintain the appearance of a clean house.  I also put up my huge baby gate the other day dividing the back of the house from the front of the house, and we are teaching the girls to keep their stuff in the front of the house.  Also, this is a good space for Walter to be able to have tummy time without being crushed.
  8. Anthony and I went to a cash envelope system.  We were living within our means, but I wanted to know more of exactly where our money was going.  I have some Dave Ramsey financial goals that I want to work toward for this next year.  Probably more on that in my next post.
  9. Lots of books read with the girls.
  10. Getting little Walter on a better sleep schedule.  He has been taking long naps during the day, and it is wonderful.
  11. I have started a new laundry system that will hopefully encourage the girls to put their stuff away and encourage me to do laundry more than once a week.

Here were my goals for 2017.  I had three, and I accomplished 2 out of 3.  Guess what? As I read that post about my recap from 2016, that year was hard, too.  Like I said before, sometimes hard seasons don’t just end when the calendar year does.

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