2016 Recap and Goal for 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if at the end of a calendar year when it came time for resolutions, those pesky, troublesome parts of your life would just be left behind in the new year?

I am in the middle of several of those “parts” that magically did not disappear when the new year began.  I am due for a right good attitude adjustment, but, regardless, I have got to just keep trucking on.

I wanted to focus on some things in the last year that I have started and will continue doing:

1.) I started a blog–It has definitely had its ebbs and flows, but I feel in a decent space to continue writing.  My niche is more expanding to lifestyle blogger as opposed to just tot school, but I think that is ok.

2.) I have been exercising regularly for months–The last couple months I have worked myself up to running the distance of a 5k more than once a week.  I have not done that since before kids!  Before that I was working out to Bikini Body Mommy.  I love her programs.  Most are free and online!  Her next 90 day challenge starts on January 16th, and I ready to add back weights into my normal routine.

3.) I am doing Bible Study Fellowship–I have experienced what has felt like spiritual whiplash with the highs and encouragement of Revelation last Spring to being the person who cries in group because I feel like God isn’t speaking to me.  I currently feel alone and abandoned spiritually.  Fortunately, I know that is not true.  I am working on spending a lot of time focusing on the character of who God is, getting back to the basics consistently, even when I feel like there are no results.

4.) I transitioned a toddler to a toddler bed, potty-trained her, and have taken her paci away.  And yes, every transition has been awful and worse than the last, and causes me to lose sleep and tears, and wonder what the heck I am doing.  Seriously toddlers are so hard.  (Cries into pillow!)

5.)  My husband and I got to take a kid-free, pregnant-free trip to New York.  It was a blast.  I have never walked so much in my life and basically had to be ubered back to the airport on the way home because I could not walk.  I can’t remember much pre-kids, but I do remember enjoying traveling with my husband…alone…without children.  Because taking them anywhere is the worst, and sharing a hotel room with them is a recipe for no one sleeping.  (Cries into pillow!)

6.) I have locked in a really great group of mom friends.  I have mostly reverted back to not hosting things, but I know who I can call and say, “Hey, we need out.  I am in your driveway.”  Or “Please come over.  We can drink coffee and commiserate.”  Solidarity, sisters.

7.)  I gave up coffee–Basically my teeth hate me, and I have the worst dentist appointments.  Combined with massive white coat syndrome and fear of needles, I am the worst patient.  I probably have 2 half cups once a week sweetened only by heavy cream and vanilla almond milk.  As you can imagine, it isn’t as sweet without creamer, so I don’t drink as much.

I am sure there is some major event I am forgetting, and will thereby, make someone upset, but alas this is all my sleep-deprived brain can fathom.  An uneven 7 things.


This next year, I am going to work on:

1.) Less is More–We have no more space, so if things are coming in the house, things have got to go.

2.) Being ok taking time away from the girls to recharge–I have lots of guilt when I let them watch shows, so I can do something, or when I am on the computer blogging.  I don’t get a lunch break, or a drive home, but I have to find a way to keep plugging along.

3.) Prayer Journal–I have started in the past, but I need to find a routine that works.

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