White Nailpolish for the Win

I haven’t posted in forever.  I feel like I am going through a blog identity crisis, so I am going to try dabbling around with some different things before I make any big changes.

We are expecting our third child, a baby boy, in July.  I don’t know how wonderfully my life was going for me to think that I could manage adding another child to the mix.  I am delusional and exhausted.  (and please don’t tell me how much I will miss this time.  No mom ever finds that encouraging!)

But since my real life is all mom life all the time, (Like legit.  Our budgeting lady was asking me how much money we spent on hobbies each month, and I could not for the life of me think of a hobby that I did besides binge watching on Netflix.  Hubby and I are deep in the throes of parenthood.)  I am going to blog about things that don’t necessarily pertain to mom life.

Like white nail polish!  Did you ever paint your fingers with white out back in Junior High?? Well, that is not what white nail polish looks like. Ha!

I only have a cheapy bottle from the store, but for the first day before it chips, I feel like I can rule the world.

White nails are like the white jeans of the spring wardrobe.  And clearly I am a fashion blogger to heed one’s advice, as I currently rotate through hand me down maternity clothes and just washed my hair for the first time in a week.

White nails make your hands look tan and put together like you should be clicking them on a desk or conversely lounging on the beach with a drink. I am doing neither, but the empowerment is great.  Have I convinced you to give it a try?


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