A Day in the Life of the Houstons

This week was our busy week meaning that we had two mornings of get-up-and-go with Moms’ Group and Bible Study Fellowship.

So, fortunately, we have a pretty slow morning planned.  I would say, “Hey we are still in our pjs,” but that is a pretty regular occurrence.  I wanted to give a brief run down of the structure of our days when we are at home.  I always enjoy reading about what other SAHM do with their time.

Morning Basket:

This idea is from Charlotte Mason.  I haven’t spent much time researching her, but I follow someone on social media who does this, and I have gotten many ideas from her.

I have an actually basket by our dining room table.  We listen to some songs specifically related to the month, season, days of the week, etc.  We chart the weather on a calendar.

Then we read out of the Jesus Storybook Bible.  I do a sample illustration that the girls copy after they finish breakfast.

Sometimes we touch on numbers depending on our Bible story (4o days, 3 wise men, 5 loaves of bread), colors, shapes.morning basket, Charlotte Mason, Jesus Storybook Bible activities, teaching your children, training up your children

Sometimes I will read some poetry.

We sing Steve Green songs and lots of hymns.  It is amazing how much theology I have had to brush up on because my oldest asks me questions about every line!

It is a rare occasion if we get more than three days of Morning Basket done because of outside of the home activities.This could be something that is integrated at dinner time, too.  We have done that some if Dad is working late.

The morning basket is really fluid, and as the girls progress more, we will add different things.

Read-Alouds: There are so many benefits to reading to your children, and sometimes I dread it, but once I actually sit down with them, everybody seems to calm down.  I still have my Christmas books in our schoolroom basket; alas, I may put them away before summer!  There is another easily accessible basket in the playroom.  My sweet youngest is often found over there rifling through these and “reading.”

I also try to use the reservation system with our library online, so I can make sure that I can get some quality books.  When I go with the girls, it is merely a race to see how fast we can fill up the basket.  I will pick out books according to theme, and we will keep them for several weeks.

Also, books on cd are amazing.  I am holding out as long as possible before integrating modern technology into our daily lives.  This gives a nice balance.

Outdoor Time:  In all honesty, this isn’t my favorite time, but it is becoming better.  I moved most of the girls outdoor equipment and toys by my big window in the living room, so I can open the windows to hear and see them without having to be out there.  If they stay outside, they actually play much better without me.  We also try to go on several walks during the week, collecting nature samples and such.outdoor table, playing outdoors, benefits of being outdoors

Eventually, I would like to get more into invitations to play, but that would require a little prep, and since I am napping while the girls nap, this may just be a whimsical inspiration.

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