All the Stuff I wish I had at the House before I got Sick

Ya’ll I have been so sick.  (I legit have no idea when I will be getting around to posting this, so don’t panic I am probably over it by now.)

must-haves for getting sick, things to stock your medicine cabinet with,

I don’t know if it was the flu or what but my energy is completely drained.  Different symptoms, different days.  I go to bed each day hoping the next day will be better.  Ehhh just different.  Tomorrow will be the first day that I have the girls all day by myself since I have been sick.

I do not. I. do. not. understand how single moms or people without family manage when they get sick.  I was even fine with my kids sitting in front of the tv all day.  Unfortunately (fortunately), this did not occupy them long enough.

We are never prepared for illnesses here, so I wanted to document all the things I have been using for myself that need to be kept in stock at our house at all time just in case heaven forbid, we both get sick or hubby isn’t around to be my nurse.

Also, obvs, not a nurse or doctor, and honestly try to avoid them at all costs, so take whatev I say with a grain of salt or whatever is healthiest!

1.) Mucinex:  This is my dad’s go-to medicine.  Clears out head colds and allergies like no body’s business.

2.) E-mergency Drink or fizzy thingies:  Probably should be using this as a preventative medicine.  Even though my girls aren’t in daycare, we do frequent a nursery at least twice a week, and I am pretty sure that is where this came from.

3.) Saline Nasal Spray

4.) Ricola Cough Drops: Surprisingly this was the only thing I had on hand.   Bonus that they don’t have added sugar.  Gotta save that for my cookie binges.

5.) Blistex Medicated Lip-Ointment:  My girls are big into chapstick, using and eating it!  Little Squishy finished off my Burt’s Bee’s MANGO one (chomp) just a few days ago, and I was devastated.  I have determined that in my favorite scent.  This little tube, though, doesn’t look like chapstick, so the girls don’t come and take it.  Muhahaha

6.) Vick’s Vapor Rub: Apparently there are some amazing things you can do with this and not just by putting it on your chest.  What?!? I had it lathered on my throat today supposedly helping my sore throat, but probably just making my chiropractor wonder why I had a sticky neck today.  Also, a good barometer of when you are actually starting to breathe through your nose again.  I can actually get a whiff of the scent on DAY 5 OF DEATH.

7.) Soft tissues: Oh mylanta! In one of our hurried attempts in and out of Aldi the other day, I grabbed the first large bundle of toilet paper I saw.  Score 1 for being efficient.  A bunch of negative points for grabbing the coarsest single ply paper I have ever used.  It isn’t like the worst for wiping your rear, but that it all I had to use on my nose the first day.  Ya’ll I am still recovering.  I am having to smear vasoline all under my nose, so it won’t burn.  Basically, I am just a sticky, snotty mess.

8.) Chicken noodle soup: Ideally made with bone broth with all those amazing benefits I keep reading about, but off-brand Campbells works, too.  I had a friend make me some really yummy soup and drop it off this time, and I raided some from my MIL.

9.) Elderberry Syrup: We started using this the last time (last year) we got sick.  The store-bought stuff is amazingly expensive, so just buy the berries and make it at home.  I think I feremented my last batch, so we had to buy this time around.  I have zero energy to stand over a stove and do this.  But I would def look into this for preventative measures.

10.) Big Ole Bag of Epsom Salt:  We do have this at our house all the time, but it is something to def have on hand when you get sick.

11.) Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, & Pineapple Juice:  Apparently all good for sore throats and coughs and such.  Those are all separate things.  I didn’t mix them.

12.) Essential Oils to make a Flu Bomb

13.) Working Humidifier

Seriously my nightstand looks like I work at a pharmacy.  Do you have any go-to remedies to help you feel better?

Share below, so I can add it to my medicine cabinet.

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