Monday Musings

So, I started this post almost a month ago.  What?!?  And I feel like I just stepped a way from all of this to deal with my medical issues.  More on that later.  Adjusting to a new one in the family is difficult, and I honestly thought I would have arrived by this point, but alas.  I AM loving this stage with the kids.  The babe is so precious.  The girls are a handful, but so funny and sweet.  My husband’s job is draining both of us right now, and we are trying to trust in God’s timing for a provision of anew job.

How I stay Organized

Even though we live in a house that is bigger than some, the lack of storage is a major house fail.  That and the fact that there is no where in the house that I can go where I won’t hear my screaming children.

The Mug Life

Am I the only one that has way too many mugs?  We have a black set that go with our dishes, and then like a million other mugs from various places.  But each mug represents a place or memory that is important.

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