Walter’s Birth Story

Walter is a week old today!  (When I started this blog post.  He could very well be a year when I actually get it published!) The time has just flown by!  I thought I would write out his birth story since I haven’t had a chance to disclose many of the details. AND some of us are birth nerds!  Plus I had a lot of people praying over the specifics of this birth.

The Worst Decision Ever

We played hookey from church this morning.  Aside from me not liking missing church, occupying the girls during […]

Getting Rid of the Beloved Paci


Recently, our oldest daughter has given up her paci.  (Read as the last one broke, and we were plunged into the abyss of darkness as we tried to get her to go to sleep without her security blanket.)  This week has gone decently (shhh don’t tell the spirits of Friday the 13th and the full moon).

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I can’t even…

There are hundreds of tiny, colorful hairbands sprinkled all over the floor.  I just deleted this post, so I am rewriting it in frustration.  My bathroom smells like urine.  Could be the endless supply of diapers in our trashcan.  I have walked over a coffee stain on the wood floor for weeks.  I watched a Bravo show while the girls were up earlier.

However, I have exercised 3x\week for the last 3 months.  I go outside and read to my girls every day.  I have meal planned for the last two weeks in a row.  Most days the girls see me doing my Bible Study, and we sing Bible Verses and read out of Jesus Storybook Bible.  I have weaned myself off of sugar-filled coffee creamer.  I speak positively about my husband.

House Envy

Over the last couple months, I have visited some people’s homes that I don’t normally frequent.  Also, Ikea can be thrown into the bundle for discussion purposes, too.  And each time I have left, I have battled house envy.