It’s Tea Time!

We don’t follow a curriculum; although, we draw from several resources, especially Instagram and Pinterest.  At this point my agenda is to read to my girls often, listen to books, learn Bible stories, memorize Scripture through song, and learn appropriate behaviors and chores.  Everything else is just extra.  When I share snippets of our day, I am wanting you to see how any moment can become a learning opportunity if you just take if a step further.

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Getting Back to the Basics

Let me give it to you straight.  I like writing, and I like being successful.  I want to eventually make money from my blog, but I’m not right now, like at all.  It is amazing the amount of time that it required to properly promote a blog post in order to get high readership.  And guess what?  All that time is spent on the computer or on my phone.  Not examples I want my girls to see me doing.

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