Favorite Things Party

I basically invited myself to party of my friend this year.  My husband’s work no longer does Christmas parties, (lame, I know!) and I am in my season of no hosting, so I decided to bum along to their Favorite Things Party.

The rules: Everyone brings 3 of your favorite thing. (the same thing x3)  You explain why it is your favorite, and then pick three names from the bag and distribute your gifts to those chosen.  Prior to this, we had put our name in the bag 3x.

Here are some examples of what people brought:

  1.  Colorful Papermate Pens*
  2. Colorful Ballpoint Pens, magnets, and sticky notes (I brought these)
  3. Blanket Scarves
  4. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee*
  5. Wooden Cutting Board Set with Wooden Spoons
  6. Movie Package with gift card, Red Box promo code, popcorn, and chocolate
  7. Candles
  8. Dry Shampoo, Shampoo & Conditioner, and Dr. Teals (all travel sized)*
  9. Poppers for your phone


*I wound up with these items.  All of which I love, and I will use!

There was a $10 cap per gift, but that could easily be changed to fit your group’s budget.

I am already thinking of what I can do next year!


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