Getting Rid of the Beloved Paci


Recently, our oldest daughter has given up her paci.  (Read as the last one broke, and we were plunged into the abyss of darkness as we tried to get her to go to sleep without her security blanket.)  This week has gone decently (shhh don’t tell the spirits of Friday the 13th and the full moon).

bedtime chart, bedtime routine, toddler bedtime, toddler bedtime routine, bedtime chart with pictures We started a pretty strict bedtime routine that both hubby and I do with both girls.  Even with both of us working together it still takes like 45 minutes.  We are also still putting them to bed much later than I would like, but I am trying to ensure that they are really tired in an attempt to eliminate the fits and throwing of items once we put the oldest in her room.

We also have a sticker chart.  One category for going to bed happily and one for staying in bed until morning.  Once she fills up the sticker chart, she can have a slumber party at her grandparents’ house.  Ship those babies out!

The biggest struggle initially was lack of another comfort item.  Miraculously, she adopted a cat that we had had forever, and she even named it after reading a book about a cat.

Next, we struggled with water.  I have always put her to bed with a water cup, but since the paci has been gone she has woken up wanting me to put a new diaper on her.  So, no more water cups.  But then we run into the problem of her waking up in the middle of the night asking for a cup of water.  Sigh.

I also have been trying to wake them up consistently at 7:30am.  In my ideal world, we will eventually go to bed around 8pm.  So maybe in a fantasy world, my husband and I can have some time alone.

I don’t have a solution, but goodness I hope we can get in a routine of good sleep here.  I also know that once we get in a routine, something else changes it: potty-training, moving out of a crib, getting rid of a paci, getting sick.



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