How Instagram Made Me Lose a Friend

Once upon a time, my husband was friends with a guy.  They hung out together a decent amount.  We all started hanging out as couples which was nice for us because we didn’t have too many couple friends.  It was nice for them because they had a couple kids, and we were willing to come to them and hang out with them.

This was before we had children.  We were in a very different stage of life than them, but it is always nice to have people in different stages, I think.  Fast forward several months, my husband was stuck in a crummy job situation, we were apartment living.  Their family had a house, a successful job, a large blog following, they were eating healthy as I stuffed my mouth with cookie dough.

And how did I know all this? th rough Instagram, of course.

And even though I liked this girl, and we hang out, her social media drove me crazy because I was constantly comparing myself to them and feeling bad about where we were in life.  Was this her fault? Should she have been posting different things.  Absolutely not!  But that didn’t mean I needed to continue to subject myself to looking at her pictures.

So, I unfollowed her.

Eventually, she called me out on why I wasn’t following her, and I explained the above honest reasons.  She understood and reiterated that I shouldn’t be comparing myself.  Which, hello, is why I stopped following in the first place.

I guess she expected that conversation to clear everything up, and I would follow her back.  I didn’t, and we never hung out again.  It was weird and unfortunate.

All that to say, I have been clearing out Facebook this last year.  Sometimes people’s posts just annoy me or maybe it is the constant bashing of something I like.  Who cares if you went to high school with them-delete!  I can assure you, they have not even noticed.

I also have some people that just need to be blocked, like they will know if I unfriend them, and we are friends, but I just canNOT handle everything they post.

You don’t have to subject yourself to everything that comes across your feed.  This last year I have made my Instagram private and am weeding out people who I had followed when I used it as a blog platform.

Give yourself permission to weed out the drama.


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