Losing that Weight

One of my big goals for 2018 is to lose 40 pounds.  I am documenting this journey on my blog primarily for me to see progress, and continue to be encouraged and move forward with this goal.  I don’t know if I will actually publish it for people I know to see it.

Today marks 6 months postpartum, and I weigh more than I weighed at my last prenatal appointment.  I honestly don’t know how this happened.  This was by far my healthiest pregnancy.  I delivered at a lower weight than my last two births.  I have been consistently working out since 2 months postpartum.

Some kinks I have had, I had two kidney stone surgeries which were stressful with all the appointments and whatnot.  I know I also turned to desserts to compensate the huge amount of stress I have being a full-time stay at home mom to three little children.

I know I had lost weight after delivery since I weighed myself at my surgeries, but I guess I thought breastfeeding would take care of all my extra calories.

Regardless, I am not going to beat myself up over that now.  I have a game plan, and I am sticking to it long term.  We currently have no plans to get pregnant this year, so I have a whole year to get back  to 1.) pregnancy weight 2.) pre-pregnancy weight 3.) pre-marriage weight

Plan: I am following the Trim Healthy Mama concept, google it, but basically it divides your two basic fuel groups: carbs and fats.  Don’t mix them during meals, and you will lose weight.

There are several special (more expensive) ingredients that THM calls for that aren’t a necessity but make recipes easier to follow.  To start off, I am okay purchasing these items to ensure success.  I am not eating out at all during the week, so we can use our extra money toward this.

Weight Loss: I am going to document my numbers here, but know that my numbers should not be applied to you.  These are just my numbers and my goals.

Week 1: 196 Week 2: 192 ( and fluctuating.)

I have decided to stop weighing myself daily because it is all over the place.  When I have a bad weigh-in, it totally puts me in a bad mood.  Clothes are feeling looser, and I am mostly on plan.  I also have my body measurements, and I think I will remeasure every 15 days.

More importantly, I feel good, like I can maintain this long term.  I found a friend who lost using this plan, and I have been able to text and ask advice.  She also sent me a dessert recipe that was ah-mazing.  I have to be able to eat dessert.

Meal Planning: I am staying one week ahead on meal planning, so in case a crisis happens, we won’t fall behind.  I am using Trim Healthy Mama’s cookbook and Briana Thomas’s Necessary Food.  I love having hard copies to flip through.  One of my weight loss rewards is to get the next THM cookbook that came out.

Working out: Despite running 3x\week, I was still not losing weight.  I am continually to do this in addition to 40 minutes of beachbody weight training and abs.  I know the weight loss is going to come from what I eat, but toning up is nice, and working out makes me feel good.

Rewards: I think it is nice to give myself rewards for reaching certain goals.  Starting off small because supposedly it is easier to lose weight at the beginning.  (mmmm side glare)  Also, the rewards cannot be food items.  So lame, right?!?!

Back to Pregnancy weight: Eyebrow pencil

10 pounds: Selfie stick

15 pounds: Trim Healthy Table

20 pounds: Plan Birthday Outing

This would be the halfway point.  Ideally, this would be before the 6 month mark, but we will just see how things progress.

Wish me luck!

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