Monday Musings

So, I started this post almost a month ago.  What?!?  And I feel like I just stepped a way from all of this to deal with my medical issues.  More on that later.  Adjusting to a new one in the family is difficult, and I honestly thought I would have arrived by this point, but alas.  I AM loving this stage with the kids.  The babe is so precious.  The girls are a handful, but so funny and sweet.  My husband’s job is draining both of us right now, and we are trying to trust in God’s timing for a provision of anew job.

I am copying this format from my friend over at Chronicles From the Peanut Gallery.

What we are Eating this Week:

We are a month post partum, and we are mostly eating from the freezer.  Fortunately, we were giving several freezer meals, and I doubled up a lot during pregnancy.  I am trying to go dairy-free for Mr. 1 month, so that does pose a slight problem for all the casseroles in the freezer.

I am so thankful we have breakfast burritos and egg muffins in the freezer for easy grab-and-go breakfast.  Some days it is 10:30 before I have had a chance to eat.

Also, side note: I used to make little egg muffins, like in a muffins tin, and they were the absolute worst to get out of the muffin tin no matter how much I sprayed them.  Because time is limited these days, I just put the whole egg mixture into a casserole dish, bake, and then cut into squares to plop onto english muffins.  So much easier!

I have also been eating all the junk food lately, and my stomach is hating me lately.  I told my husband, we would get back to healthy eating after a month.  I was super ambitious apparently because I am no where near being able to plan healthy on the amount of sleep I am not getting.  We will eventually get there.

What I am reminiscing about:

Besides sleep…my husband and I are planning a quick trip to Michigan in the next month or two to visit my grandparents, and Mr. 1 month’s namesake.  My grandparents are getting older and slowing down, and honestly, it is super hard to think about.  I wish traveling up there was easier and cheaper because I would have brought my girls more often.  Some of my best memories are vacationing in Michigan and staying with my grandparents.  Fortunately because of my dad working for American, we were able to fly up several times a year.  It’s hard to think that the last time you see someone, may really be the last time.  I am praying that God will prepare my heart when their time comes.

What I am loving right now:

My Lipsense lipstick!  I am not a distributor (here is my girl’s facebook page), but I love that I can put it on in the morning and kind of look put together.  In that same vein, I just bought new mascara, Better than Sex, on a makeup guru’s recommendation.  This is all I am putting on my face for the most part.  It helps me not look like death from lack of sleep.  Only on day two of the mascara, so I will keep you posted on that!

What we have been up to:

Survival.  Really.  Our weekends are spent catching up on house stuff or finally moving the garbage cans, so we stay in the good graces of the HOA.  and then we spend the rest of the time prepping for Anthony’s work week- making lunches, ironing, grocery shopping, laundry and me catching up on sleep.

Honestly, I really expected to be back at church at this point, but it isn’t feasible for my sanity right now.  I am working on a eat, awake, sleep routine with the babe.  He is on reflux medicine, and I think I am about to move him to be in his crib without me in the room.  He is so noisy at night, and I am not getting any deep sleep.  Seriously, such an exciting life.


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