The Mug Life

Am I the only one that has way too many mugs?  We have a black set that go with our dishes, and then like a million other mugs from various places.  But each mug represents a place or memory that is important.

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I can’t even…

There are hundreds of tiny, colorful hairbands sprinkled all over the floor.  I just deleted this post, so I am rewriting it in frustration.  My bathroom smells like urine.  Could be the endless supply of diapers in our trashcan.  I have walked over a coffee stain on the wood floor for weeks.  I watched a Bravo show while the girls were up earlier.

However, I have exercised 3x\week for the last 3 months.  I go outside and read to my girls every day.  I have meal planned for the last two weeks in a row.  Most days the girls see me doing my Bible Study, and we sing Bible Verses and read out of Jesus Storybook Bible.  I have weaned myself off of sugar-filled coffee creamer.  I speak positively about my husband.

Dear Fall,

Dear Fall, We love you, and it not because of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  SAHM doesn’t have money for […]