The Joy in Homemade

Years ago one of my teachers gave each of her students an ornament that she thought represented them.  I was given a cookie ornament in the shape of a star.  She said it was because I was “homemade.”  I loved that compliment, and I loved that compliment for my family.

The other day I meet for coffee with a dear friend who has known me since teaching, has meet my family briefly at showers, but otherwise only knows of my family through what I tell her or what she sees on social media.  We were talking about my family, and she brought up how we are old-fashioned and how attractive that is to people who maybe don’t have that family dynamic.

Homemade and old-fashioned.  I love that description of my family.  My parents priorities were often different than my friends’ families.  Money and time were spent differently.  At times, I remember resenting some of those differences, but now, older and a parent myself, I am thankful for the difficult choices my parents made to build their family in a G0d-honoring way.

As my grandparents age, I regret not taking every opportunity to visit them or spend time with them when I had the time and money.  Even though, not always convenient, I am going to do better about spending time with my family now.  Sometimes they may be at the expense of doing things with other friends, but it will always be worth it.

As a homemaker, it is my responsibility to foster the type of family-life I want.  And homemade and old-fashioned is exactly what I am striving for.  I am able to create the type of environment I desire in my home.  Here is what I am shooting for:

Above all, I want for my family to love the Lord and show this love to others in our family and from our family to others.

1.) Baking and cooking together- what better way to show that you care about someone?!?

2.) More reading together-we recently started reading Charlotte’s Web, our first chapter book, and the girls love it!  I am working on being more intentional on finding quality books.  I love to see the girls using their biblical perspective and applying it to secular books.  The snuggling and togetherness is an added benefit.  I also have to be super intentional about ignoring household chores (there will always be laundry), so that I can be with the girls.  I am getting much of my inspiration from Read Aloud Revival.

3.) Handicrafts-the girls love to make cards and notes as gifts for friends’ birthdays or relatives who are sick.  The idea that you can care without a store bought gift is so appealing to me.  I have started to allow the girls to help me with things when I sew.  I have a couple of ideas of things to help them get more hand-eye coordination before we pick up knitting, crocheting, and cross stitch.  I am not a super great at any of those, but I know women who are, and we have to start somewhere.  I have just started to enjoy these things, as I long for things to do that will get my phone out of my hand.  I wish we lived in a time before those things.  And even though little man is a boy, I hope to engage him in some as well.  (My father is is a great upholsterer, and Anthony is becoming quite the woodworker.)

4.) You guys know I love my hymns.  So much theology in such a short amount of time.  Follow happyhymnody on Instagram for a start.  Also, how great that these are the songs that the girls will sing randomly.  (Truth: we also have some Daniel Tiger and Octonauts in the mix, too!)

5.) Exploring nature, and finding the beauty there.  Less instant gratification and more focus on what God has made.

We aren’t perfect.  We haven’t arrived.  There are things that fall by the wayside because I try to focus on these things.  I have learned a lot from following other moms on social media who model some of these things that I want to incorporate into my family.  So, take what you can, do what you want .


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