Toddler Book Exploration: Winter is for Snow

winter is for snow, book exploration with toddlers, toddler exploration, toddler homeschool, preschool, learning through reading, read aloudRead and Craft.  Read and Craft.  Read and Craft…  and repeat.  I love it.  This book has been a repeat in our library basket lately.

snow3I think the girls love the voice I use for the girl who initially doesn’t want anything to do with Snow.

We made snowflakes out of paper plates.  Decorated them with crayons and winter stickers, and put the letter “S” on for Snow.

We also used our Tinker Toys to build a snowflake.  We practiced spinning the snowflake around in our hands.

learning through reading, crafting through reading, read and play activities, toddler school, homeschool, tot school, preschool

We talked about how each snowflake is different and how God created each person to be unique.

And this was all with one book.  What can you do with one book?

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